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Posted on Dec 28, 2007
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This is the little guy who I had the pleasure to photograph coming into the world. He is changing every single day, but he is still just as cute as can be! I always tell parents that it is best to photograph the newborns in the first two weeks of life. The reason for this is, they are still pretty sleepy, newborn acne hasn’t really set in yet, they are quite flexible so they just mold into the wonderful “squishy” poses! Well, this little guy was my youngest! FOUR days old!

His parents requested certain poses for their sneak peeks, so here you go! (They wanted to make sure there was a family shot, so they could show the blog off to friends and family before the announcements go out!).

*Check out the little grin I got! I think he likes having me there with a camera in his face!*

Posted on Dec 27, 2007
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First of all, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season! My family was all together again, and it was wonderful. It is all over too quickly though. Happens every year! My boys are already starting to talk about NEXT Christmas. Give me strength!

Now onto a sneak peek. I was “technically” on vacation, but I just couldn’t say no. This wonderful mom was having ALL 5 of her kids, and 2 grandkids, all in town at the same time, and that hasn’t happened in a long time. They weren’t going to be in town very long, so how could I say no to that?! I couldn’t. They were a very happy bunch, and that is always fun to photograph. Kinda tricky with that many people, but I am finding that we got some great shots (yes, I DID get started on the proofing! I couldn’t wait either!). Here is one fun sneak peek for you! (I will let you know when the rest are ready for you to see!):

Posted on Dec 19, 2007
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I had the honor and privilege to photograph another birth. This sweet little one came a few weeks early, but was beautiful and healthy as can be! I guess he just wanted to be here before Christmas! It was a loooooong couple of days (for me, so you can imagine how long it was for momma!). But the end result is what was important. And the end result was a new perfect little baby.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your miracle!

Happy birthday sweet little “Icky”!

Posted on Dec 10, 2007
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I swear, sometimes I just get a picture in my head, and I just can’t get it out until someone does it for me! This was the case for this maternity session. I really wanted to get a silhouette in the sunset. I ran into a little trouble executing it because of the tree line on the other side of her lake, but here is one that I think turned out beautifully! Hope you think so too, mama!

Thanks for being such a good sport! The rest are coming soon, I promise!

Posted on Dec 08, 2007
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Oh, I had some fun on this session. This momma to be was very willing to do whatever I wanted. (I LOVE that!). I had in my mind, a shot in a heavily treed area nearby. She didn’t look at me strangly at all! Just hopped her pregnant little self in the outfit that I had in mind, and drove over to the trees with me. I was so excited to see how these turned out, I came straight home, picked up take out for the kids on the way, so I could hop right on the computer to see the results! Your teaser photo is one that I just loved. You look so beautiful!

I think the ones from the trees will be my favorites from the session! But, I am going to get back to work now and see what other favs pop out at me.

Posted on Dec 03, 2007
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First of all, THANK YOU for a wonderful holiday season! I really enjoyed everyone this year. You all have been awesome to work with! Now that all of the sessions are completed, I just wanted to give a little reminder of the cut-off dates to order prints and purses to get them back by Christmas.

-Any purse orders must be ordered and paid on or before FRIDAY DECEMBER 7th (this date has been pushed back a couple of days from the vendor. YIPEE!).

-Any print orders must be ordered and paid on or before SUNDAY DECEMBER 9th.

This will insure that I can get them back from the lab, and delivered to you before the holidays. Any orders made AFTER these dates may or may not make it back before Christmas. They will not be guaranteed!

I look forward to working with all of you again in 2008!