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Posted on Sep 28, 2007
Posted in Family, Kids

Oooh, did I luck out on this session! This family was so nice, and funny, and gorgeous! This family was down in FL for a vacation for a few days, and mom really had her heart set on family shots on the beach. Now, I do family sessions on the beach, just not very often. And I love shooting someplace different! And since their little guy had NEVER seen the ocean, this location was PERFECT!

I kept my fingers crossed all day that it wouldn’t rain us out. Because you know the weather here is so weird, it could be a downpour in the city, but beautiful skies on the beach. Driving out to the beach, I think I passed thru three different storms. THANKFULLY, it was decent on the beach. Cloudy and close to sunset, but not raining! WHEW!

The family *should* be home now, and I promised them a sneak peek for the day they got home, so here it is! Thank you so much for a wonderful session at the beach. Hopefully we can make it an annual thing!

  • barb

    That’s it? 2 pictures??? 🙂

    They look great but I want to see more (as I am sure the family does too! Great job, as usual!!!