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Posted on Sep 28, 2007
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Oooh, did I luck out on this session! This family was so nice, and funny, and gorgeous! This family was down in FL for a vacation for a few days, and mom really had her heart set on family shots on the beach. Now, I do family sessions on the beach, just not very often. And I love shooting someplace different! And since their little guy had NEVER seen the ocean, this location was PERFECT!

I kept my fingers crossed all day that it wouldn’t rain us out. Because you know the weather here is so weird, it could be a downpour in the city, but beautiful skies on the beach. Driving out to the beach, I think I passed thru three different storms. THANKFULLY, it was decent on the beach. Cloudy and close to sunset, but not raining! WHEW!

The family *should* be home now, and I promised them a sneak peek for the day they got home, so here it is! Thank you so much for a wonderful session at the beach. Hopefully we can make it an annual thing!

Posted on Sep 20, 2007
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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been spending most of my free time working on a new (and prettier!) website. These things shouldn’t be so complicated, but they always are! I will definately post an announcement when it is done and ready to browse, I promise!

Another reason I haven’t posted any recent sessions, is that I had kept my calendar pretty open around now. Know why? Because I had the honor to photograph a birth (and you know how unpredictable THOSE schedules can be!). It was the most amazing experience! No, I wasn’t photographing the actual, coming into the world shots below the sheets. I was photographing the entire experience for them. I was there for labor, delivery, and some post-pardom shots with visitors. I was there to capture the emotion of the day. AMAZING. I would definately be interested in doing this again. So, if you are interested, or know someone who would be interested in having me there for the day, e-mail me, and we’ll talk!

About this birth, the mom was so amazing. Half of the time I was there, she didn’t really even look like labor was affecting her at all! And, she did this all without an epidural! That in itself was amazing! But after a relatively quick labor and quick delivery, she held a gorgeous baby girl in her arms. She felt wonderful, and looked beautiful!

THANK YOU so much for letting me be a part of your day. It was a true honor to be there! And I will leave you with a little shot from the hospital (I have at least a million more to go thru!). Does this mom look like she just finished labor unmedicated? I think not! She is stunning!

Posted on Sep 06, 2007
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Who doesn’t like a special promotion?! ESPECIALLY for the holidays! This is a “refer a friend” promotion. You know YOU need some update photographs of the family or kids. Do you know someone else who appreciates beautiful photography and also needs new family shots, or new updated beautiful photographs for their children? Share my website with them, and if you BOTH book a session, YOU BOTH will receive $25 off your session fee (making each one $75 instead of $100). And BOTH of you will receive a complimentary 8×10 from your session as well (valued at $30 each!). You can have your “friend” sessions on different dates/locations, but if you choose to, I will do both sessions on the same date and even include a few proofs together. (Good for families who want their own family session, but would like a few with cousins, etc). Just let me know when booking your “friend’s name” and have them do the same when they book!

The not-so-fine print! This is a VERY LIMITED time offer. This will only be for sessions booked within a week from today (end date for booking is end of the day Sept 13th). The sessions must be held in September, October, or November 2007. Both sessions must be held to receive the discounted session fee and complimentary prints. No substitution and no other discounts applied. That’s it!

E-mail me ASAP to get on my calendar. Dates are filling up quickly!