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Posted on Apr 29, 2007
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This lady was quite the model! She has signed on to be a “senior rep” for me, and was taking her job pretty seriously. She brought TONS of clothes, and wanted to keep on shooting! Love that! The one thing that her mom wanted was some fun cap and gown shots, so we made sure we got those as well. So, two peeks: one for her and one for mom! I should have the rest done in the next few days!

Posted on Apr 26, 2007
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As much as I love chasing babies and kids around to photograph them, I am finding that I love photographing seniors just as much! Maybe it is because they sit still for photos, maybe it is their excitement to have the photos taken, maybe I am just blessed with great clients. Who knows?!

This client was beautiful and excited to be graduating in a month. We had a wonderful session with a little suprise location “within” the location, which was great fun. And at this suprise location, we were able to capture one of my favorite shots of her in her prom dress.

Anyway, here is your sneak peek. I still have lots more to proof, but I still have a couple of days before my week timeframe is up!

Posted on Apr 25, 2007
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It was this sweet boy’s first birthday! This was the second time that I got to photograph him. Such a sweetheart! And oh, how we tortured him. We stuck him in trees (parents right next to him, but just out of frame of course!), made him eat birthday cake, just plain torture! He didn’t LOVE being in the tree, but as if on cue, he looked at me with this sweet face and gave me just enough time to snap one, and then wanted to get back down. That is OK, that was all I needed! Here is your sneak peek!

Posted on Apr 18, 2007
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This precious little one literally made me *gasp* when she looked up at me with her gorgous blue eyes. I have never seen eyes THAT blue in person (I wish I could make the photo larger on here so everyone could see just HOW blue they really are, but mom will see them in her prints!). Top that off with her being a patient little angel, she was a dream to photograph! She let me keep shooting and shooting and shooting. Not too normal for a six month old!

Here is your sneak peek. First of many more to come!

Posted on Apr 16, 2007
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This little angel did not want to sleep for me at all. I guess I was just too interesting to miss! But that was fine, we got some wonderful awake shots of her. She was so alert and STRONG! She is four weeks old, and was holding her head up for me! Even flashed kind of a smile at me. She is a doll, and it was my pleasure to photograph her!

Here is your sneak peek!